Moderator’s Guide to Issue & Error Reporting

If you encounter or receive reports of an issue/error with the app that you are unable to resolve, please gather the below information and report to your Project Manager for further troubleshooting.  Supplying all these details helps to ensure we are able to efficiently and effectively provide support.


Report an Issue:

Affected User*

  • Full Name:
  • E-mail:

Affected Device*

  • Device Name: ex: iPhone X, Macbook Air, moto z³ play, OnePlus 6
  • Software Version: ex: iOS 12.3.1, macOS Catalina, Android 9
  • Internet Access: WIFI or cellular data? If data, what is your data speed?


  • Affected Platform: is the issue occurring on mobile app, mobile site, or desktop site?  if website please clarify browser
  • Describe the Issue or Error: provide details of issue or error experienced
  • Date/Time Issue Occurred: ongoing issue or did this happen during a specific time?
  • Steps to Replicate: what steps are causing the issue? Ex: open app, click agenda, try to click “add session to schedule,” receive error.
  • Picture/Screenshot or Recording of Issue: 

*if multiple users are affected, please include user and device info for each user if possible


Helpful Links:

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