Import and Export Session/Event Data - Overview

To create an event you need the start date/time, end date/time, and title, although you can include a lot of other information. Most common are descriptions.
To import your file, login as the moderator/admin of your website (

Select your file then click Upload 



Review the data  to make sure you are happy before clicking on Complete Import.

Importing Events

  1. Populate the following template with your data: Agenda_Import_Template(4)
  2. Save your file as .csv
  3. Upload your template.

Watch our video about importing data in the Zerista Admin!

The columns in the import template are:

  • Subject - This is the title of your session
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Description - Here is where you can add more details about the session
  • Icon - You can change the icon of the session to be different from the default ones. This column needs to have a hyperlink, so the icon will need to be hosted either in Zerista or another site. To get the hyperlink, you just need to right click on the image and select copy link address
  • Location - Put in where the session is located.  If the location isn't in the site already, it will automatically be created when you import this file.
  • Tags - You can use this section to add tags to a specific session. Tags are a great way to group different sessions together so attendees can find more specific sessions they're interested in. Speak with your Zerista Project Manager about this more if you have questions.
  • Tracks - See the Agenda Tracks below for more details.
  • Speaker Emails - You can attach a speaker to a session so they are listed as the speaker in the agenda as well as have the session listed beneath their name in the Speakers section of the app. You can assign more than one speaker to a session if needed, comma delimit their emails in this column and cell.
Common Questions and Issues
  • Once you import, you will receive an email saying the import has completed. Make sure to open that email and look at the error report attached. This error report will show which sessions were unable to be imported and the last column will explain why.
  • Add speakers to the system BEFORE creating events in the system so you can associate speakers with events.
  • If you have a complicated schedule, with a lot going on at one time, please work with your Zerista Project Manager to identify the best approach for your agenda.
  • If you need to change the date, time, or title of an event, you need to edit the event within the system instead of uploading a new file.

Agenda Tracks

  • "Tracks" group events into a path of events to attend throughout the conference. An event can only be a part of one track.
  • If you do not have tracks but want to use the grid view, assign a “General” track to all sessions.
  • You can control the order that tracks appear in the grid view or a filtered view according to the position and you can color code tracks to make events easier to identify.
  • If you have keynote events or other activities that span across tracks, assign them to all tracks by setting their position as -1 in the track order.

**Note: For setting up tracks, please click here.

Exporting Session/Event Data

You have the ability to export data from the admin side of the website for the following:-

When managing the above data for your site manually it can be common that one will need to make large updates to these data sets. In these cases it can be useful to export the data, make the changes on the resulting .csv and then import those changes back into the system in bulk among other reasons that one may have to export data.

To achieve this you will need to carry out the following steps:

Login as the moderator/admin of your website. (

Hover over Agenda and in the submenu click Export.

Once your export is complete, you will receive an from the system containing a csv file of your session data.

Go to your emails ie. OutlookGmail to locate the export email sent from the admin website. Then open the file and make updates to the data in there. Once you've made you changes, go back and reimport this file with the updated changes into the site.

Common Questions and Issues

  • For best practice DELETE the columns and rows of data you are not making modifications to. This is a much safer approach to only reimport the data that is changing vs all the data exported.
  • There is one exception: NEVER delete the ID column
  • Please note: For optimal results please load data in the following order. Exhibitor/Sponsor, Attendees, (members, speakers, and exhibitors contacts) Sessions


You can go to the front end and verify changes are appearing as they should.

If you have any additional questions please contact your Zerista Project Manager.

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