Tracks - Overview

Tracks are a great way to group or categorize sessions together for the convenience of your users. A session can only be a part of one track at a time. 

To create tracks: 

1. Open the admin portal of your Zerista site. 

2. Open Agenda>Tracks.

3. There are four columns you can fill out. 

  • Label - You can use this column to abbreviate track names. You will need to add the tracks widget in the UI section to have this show in the app, speak to your Zerista Project manager for help with that.
  • Name - Name of the track
  • Color - If you want to color code the track, click on the color and move the plus sign around until you find your preferred color
  • Column - Order of the tracks as they appear on the front end of your Zerista platform. Adding a value of "-1" means those sessions will appear on every tracks when reviewing the grid view on the website

This is how tracks appear in the app with the tracks widget:

You can use the tracks as a way to segment different session types in the agenda. You can also use permissions to make it so attendees can only see the tracks they are assigned to based on their registration type.

Once tracks have been created, you can assign the session either by listing it in the csv file in the tracks column when you import your sessions, or by selecting the track when you manually create or update a session. You can also work with the integration specialist if you are integrating sessions into your site and would like to also have the tracks carry over.

Agenda: Sort by Track

If you would like to have your agenda menus default to sort by your track order please reach out to your Zerista PM and they can have that configured for you.

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