Exhibitor & Sponsor Edit Page - Overview

Edit Exhibitor & Sponsor data from the Exhibitor>List  menu of the admin portal of your Zerista website! From this page, click on a company's title to view and edit that particular entity's information.

Once you have select a company, the company profile and all of its editable data is available to you in three sections.

General Info

  • Logo
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone, Fax numbers
  • Type (Exhibitor, Sponsor, or Both)
  • Sponsorship (This is applicable only if the Sponsor or Both type is selected)
  • Description



  • Official company website
  • Facebook website
  • LinkedIn website
  • Twitter website
  • RSS Feed URL


*This article assumes you already have exhibitor and/or sponsor data in your system whether it was through an Integration, Manual Import, or Google Doc Integration. Click here to learn more about manually importing. For other data input questions, please reach out to your Project or Account Manager.

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