Exhibitors List - Overview

Review your Exhibitor data at a glance in the Exhibitor > List menu of the admin portal of your Zerista website!*



Please see the list below for a brief over-view of details included in the Exhibitor List.

Full list of Exhibitors and Sponsors: The primary function of this page is to provide any Moderator a full list of all loaded exhibitors and sponsors to easily review relevant data, find certain companies, and quickly edit any of their content. This also allows for access to individual QR codes instead of a bulk export, and more.

Search: At the very top of this page is a search bar that allows you to type in any of the listed items to search for a certain exhibitor or sponsor. The field will automatically begin to filter and provided a suggestion list as you type.


Manage Exhibitors & Sponsors: Find a total company count next to this title in parentheses.

Delete, Assign Contacts, and Permissions: Use the checkboxes to delete any Companies that should not exist. If you are using an integration, be sure to inform you Project Manager. Assign Contacts is only relevant to those who have purchased Leads as an add-on feature. Contact your Account Manager if you do not have Leads or are interested to learn more. Permissions allow particular rules to be applied to certain exhibitors. Work with your Project Manager if you would like to apply permissions against exhibitors.

Name: The names of all exhibitors are clickable so you can enter a company and edit it's details. Click here to learn more about editing exhibitor profiles.

Type & Sponsorship: Is this company an exhibitor, a sponsor, or both? In order for a company to be assigned a sponsorship level ("Gold","Silver","Bronze") they must be at least "Both" or "Sponsor". This also determine where the company exists on the app and website.

Contacts: Contacts are representatives of the company who may have access to edit the company profile from the front end, depending on their contact role. While an exhibiting company may have 4 representatives at their booth, perhaps only 2 are allowed to manage the company profile and collateral. Click on the hyperlink number to review, add, or delete contacts. For those who have purchased Leads, Contacts are the individuals per company who are participating in scanning.**


Booths, QR Code, & Leads: The Booth column shows where a company's location has been assigned. If the location is Hyperlinked, that means it is linked to a previously loaded map. You can click on the location to bring up the map and preview how this is displayed on the map. QR Code allows you to grab individual company QR Codes. The Leads column simply indicates if the feature is enabled for individual exhibitors.

Collateral: Extra content a company can associate to their profile for attendees to view. Clicking this link will preview all loaded collateral, as well as allow you to add collateral on the behalf of your sponsors or exhibitors if applicable. Learn more about Exhibitor Collateral here. 


*This article assumes you already have exhibitor data in your system whether it was through an Integration, Manual Import, or Google Doc Integration. Click here to learn more about manually importing. For other questions, please reach out to your Project or Account Manager.

**If someone says they cannot see your conference when they are logging into Leads, they need to be associated as a contact. Click the hyperlink number from this view to assign and review a company's contacts.

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