Exhibitor Edit Page - Collateral

Collateral is extra content a company can associate to their profile for attendees to access. This can be documents, videos, links, photos, and more.

Review, add, or remove Collateral from a company through the Exhibitor>List  menu of the admin portal of your Zerista website! From this page, click a company's title to view and edit that particular entity's information. By default, we go to Edit Company Profile, but from the top submenu, you can see "Collateral" as well. 


As you can see from the image above, supported collateral types are Documents, Photos, Youtube, Videos, Links, Audio, Flickr, and Sonic Foundry.

Please note that each collateral type has a specific supported source type, which is typically integration through a URL source link. Learn more about Hosting Files in Zerista here to create a usable URL.

Files are limited to 25 mb in size for collateral.




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