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There are a few different ways to create locations for a Zerista site. If properly filled out on a data import from a csv file, they will automatically be created upon Exhibitor and Session imports.

If a location does not already exist in admin, you can create it when you tag the location on a map.

Meeting Locations can be created manually by tagging a venue map, through a Location Import, or by opening Maps > Create in the admin:


Fill out the Name, Capacity and Meetings fields:

Name - the title of the location.

Capacity - determines the total number of attendees that can fit into a location. If left blank, there will be no limit to the amount of users that can attend a session at that location.

Meeting Capacity - set to 1 by default, this determines the number of attendee meetings that can take place at a location, simultaneously. Locations with a meeting capacity of 0 will be hidden from the selection when users schedule meetings. There is no "unlimited" setting for meeting capacity, but setting this number to 1000 or higher should be enough to ensure all of your attendees can schedule meetings at this location at any time.

Click Save when finished!

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