Exhibitor Portal Overview

The Zerista exhibitor portal is where exhibitor contacts can manage their company's profile for the upcoming conference or event. For users to gain access to this portal they must be linked as exhibitor contacts


Desktop Exhibitor Portal

When exhibitor contacts log in, they will be directed to the exhibitor portal to manage their company's profile.  Available menu options are:

Home - If profile editing is enabled, the company contacts can review and edit the listing.  Here exhibitor contacts can add logos, contact info, and social connections.

Collateral - Ability for the company to load in white papers, links, videos, and other information about their company for attendees reviewing their profile to consume.

Attendees is the full list of users joining you at the conference.  You have full filtering capabilities to narrow down the list of users to the ones that make the most sense for you and your company to meet.  When reviewing user profiles you will be able to message and meeting request profiles to network at the conference.

Meetings - If conference attendees request a meeting with a companies profile, exhibitor contacts will be able to review those meetings and respond on behalf of the company

Messages - If conference attendees message the companies profile, exhibitor contacts will be able to review those messages and respond on behalf of the company 

Leads - Listing page of users gathered as leads for the company.  If the company purchased lead retrieval they will be able to see full personal details on those leads, review notes taken onsite about those leads and export their leads list to a CSV file and broadcast message their leads list.  If the lead scanning was not purchased, the exhibitor contact will see a list of leads you can message/meeting request through the system without gaining access to their personal details.

Leads Activation - If the leads purchasing portal is enabled by the event admins then a company can purchase lead retrieval using this menu.  The price for leads purchase is set by the conference organizers.

Custom Questions - Ability for exhibitor contacts to create custom questions (5 types available) to ask against their leads to qualify them. The questions they setup here will appear within the leads profile page to submit.

Feedback - If you have purchased custom questions for your exhibiting company they will be able to review all those leads surveys taken in this portal or in export format.

Contacts - If a company has purchased lead retrieval the contacts menu will appear.  This menu allows the company to search and add additional conference attendees as contacts to their company.  Once linked they will be able to also gather leads for their company onsite at the conference.

Recommendations - This menu is enabled if the event admin has purchased meeting recommendations for hosted/buyer event setups. Speak to your conference organizer about this process for one to one meetings.


Accessing your personal profile

Select your name in the top right menu in the navigation bar to toggle to your personal view.  You can always toggle back to the company view using the same menu.  When you log in by default you will be taken to your company view on the website.  



Managing Multiple Exhibitor Profiles

In the exhibitor portal, you can be attached to multiple companies. Ask your conference organizer to link you as a contact to your multiple companies.  When you log in next, you will be able to toggle to those different companies views in the top right navigation menu.  They are ordered by your exhibitor management system status (basic, standard, premium) and then by alpha order within those.  


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