Add an Exhibitor/Sponsor Contact

When a user needs to be able to book meetings, generate Leads, or manage exhibitor company information, they need to be added as a contact for that company. A user must be a company contact to be able to access the exhibitor portal on apps. How many contacts are associated with a company also controls how many meetings they can be booked for at a time (one per person). 

To add contacts to an exhibitor profile:

  1. Log into the admin.
  2. Click on the Exhibitors tab in the main menu on the left.Screen_Shot_2017-07-26_at_11.42.51_AM.png
  3. Click on the number listed under the Contacts column next to the company you wish to add a contact to. Screen_Shot_2017-07-26_at_11.54.22_AM.png
  4. Choose the type of contact you want to add (*see below for more info)
  5. In the Enter Email box, place the users email address that you want to add as a contact. You can also use the Enter Name box to search for a user, their name should pop-up in an auto-fill list, click on their name once it appears.  It's more precise to search by email if you have it on hand. 
  6. Click Add.



*Contact Types: We are trying to simplify the different exhibitor contacts roles.Screen_Shot_2017-07-26_at_11.59.00_AM.png

  • On-site editor 
    • Can edit the company profile, and will also be on site at the event. 
    • Listed as a contact and receives emails and notifications
  • Off-site editor 
    • Can edit the company profile, but will NOT be on site at the event. 
    • Not listed as a contact, but does receive emails and notifications.
  • Viewer 
    • Can view the profile, but cannot edit it. Can scan leads.  


When reviewing a company profile on the website you will see the contacts (on-site and viewer) listed in a widget in the body.


**Note: If the user’s name does not appear when you are trying to add them as a contact, it means they have not been added to the site yet. 

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