Setting up Multiple Games

Please read the below article with caution if you want to set up multiple games at a single event. Zerista generally recommends to only have a single game during an event. 

Our site can handle a few different games during a single event, but it can get complex and there are a few ways that multiple games won't work for a given event. If you want to set up two games, one for attendees and one for attendees and exhibitors, the platform won't allow it and will break the game. Similarly, if you have two different games but they share achievements, it will break the game and won't work for your event. 

If you want to create multiple games for an event so the leaderboard is erased each day or if you want to create two different games for exhibitors and attendees, and neither of those games share achievements, you can do so by creating multiple games within the gamification tab (to learn more about that click here )

Setting up multiple games to erase the leaderboard each day can be tricky, so make sure to follow the steps below (you will also need help from your Zerista PM on the day of the event to make sure this works). 

1. Set up your first game like you normally would, however, the main difference is at the bottom where it says "Who can play this game?" click the drop-down menu and select "Selected Roles" and then choose who will play from the member types. Make sure to leave the registering type unchecked. 


2. Make sure you set the game up to only start and end for a single day (or however long you want it to go). The dates are also important to make sure they don't overlap with the other games so that you can select what types of roles can play per day.  

3. For your new game, set it up exactly as you did for the first game EXCEPT choose "registering" from the "Selected Roles" drop down and leave everything else unchecked.

4. You can use the same rules and the same achievements, just make sure they don't overlap with start and end dates. 

5. ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT: After the first game is complete, you will need to go back to your first game and uncheck all the selected roles that can play the game. Then go to your second game and unselect Registering and select all the other member types that you want to play the game. 

6. If you have your leaderboard displayed on the site: Ask your Project Manager to switch out the leaderboards on the site so that game 2 leaderboard now displays instead of the game 1. 

7. If you have an achievement set up that gives points for updating the profile in multiple games: Make sure you have that specific achievement to have the start date begin before the game and click "Recalculate" on the leaderboard page. 

This will need to be closely monitored during the event and make sure everything is working correctly. To reiterate, Zerista recommends you don't use multiple games and instead stick to a single game that occurs over the entire event. 





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