How to Set-up Your Game

Creating Your Game

The first step is to start populating our rules page using the example rules attached. (ExampleGamingRulesPage.docx)

To do this you can pick from this list of achievements:

  1. Add Attendee
    1. Scanning the attendee's QR Code (on badge or in the app)
    2. Going to Attendees and adding a person as a favorite
    • Two ways of gaining the points
    • You can also specify one attendee to be worth more points. For instance, if you find the Keynote Speaker you get 100 points.
  2. Add Exhibitor (and/or Sponsor)
    1. Scanning the exhibitors' QR Code (printed copy or incorporated in exhibitor's booth graphics)
    2. Going to the Exhibitors section in the app and adding an exhibitor as a favorite
    1. Exhibitor Type - you can make Sponsors worth more then Exhibitors.
    2. Sponsorship Level - you can make Diamond Sponsors worth more than Gold. Gold more than Silver, etc.
    3. Specific Exhibitor - you can make one particular Exhibitor worth more than others
    • Two ways of gaining the points
    • Additional filters are available:
  3. Add to Schedule (Agenda)
    1. You can scan the session's QR Code (printed copy or incorporated into the presentation)
    2. Going to  the Agenda and hitting "Add to My Schedule"
    1. Session - you can make one session worth more than others
    2. Tracks - If you have tracks setup (Breakout Sessions, Keynotes, etc), you can make one specific track (group of sessions) worth more
    • Two ways of gaining the points
    • Additional Filters are available:
  4. Posters
    • Two ways of gaining the points
      1. You can scan the poster's QR Code (printed copy or incorporated into the presentation)
      2. Going to  the Posters and hitting "+ Add"
    • Additional Filters are available:
      1. Poster - specify one poster that is worth more
      2. Group - specify one group of posters that are worth more
  5. Posts 
    1. Twitter - Make a post to Twitter via the app/web posts section
    2. Facebook - No longer supported, do NOT use this gaming achievement
    3. LinkedIn - Make a post to LinkedIn via the app/web posts section
    4. Zerista - Make a post to posts section on the app/web
    1. Post Type - you can make points only count for posts on sessions, on homepage, on sponsored posts, and more
    2. Hashtags - can make it so only posts with a specific hashtag will give you points
    3. Four ways of getting points (please use cap/limits to avoid overposting)
    • Additional Filters are available
  6. Update Profile (Attendees)
    • This gives points to a user going in and making ONE change to their profile. This incentives attendees to go make an effort to fill out their profile. The more attendees with correct profiles, the higher your adoption is likely to be.
  7. Complete Surveys (Surveys)
    • This achievement gives points for users taking surveys. Please Note: This achievement will only work with Survey Gizmo and a survey gizmo integration must be set up. 'Integration' must be selected for the achievement to work.
    • This also works with Zerista Surveys. 'Other' under additional filters must be selected for Zerista Surveys to work, and the relevant survey selected from the drop-down.
  8.  Unlock Achievement (Wildcard)
    • This achievement is the jack of all trades. This simply generates a QR Code. It can be used in MANY creative ways. Some examples:
    1. Hidden Wildcard - The QR code is hidden somewhere in the venue. Finding it awards you points. Clients have put the QR code on their conference Mascot. One had it next to Mickey Mouse (event at Disneyland). 
    2. Answer Conference Trivia Question - Client had a booth that attendees go to, to try and answer a trivia question. If the attendee answered correctly the volunteer at the booth showed them the QR code to scan.

      Cap/limits will limit the amount of time a user can earn points. Once the cap has been reached, users can not gain points from the achievement any longer.  We recommend adding cap/limits to achievements that can be earned multiple times.  Cap/limit = the number of times the achievement can be earned.  For example, Add to Schedule Achievement 5 points each, max of 20 points, enter the Cap/limit as 4. 

      Once you have set-up your game, invite a few test users or staff to test.  We recommended testing at least one week prior to inviting event attendees to the app or website.  Please notify your Zerista Project Manager with any questions or for final review before launching your game.  
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