Add link to a Custom Content Page

This functionality will prove handy when you need to insert either direct links or hyperlinked words/names into your custom page.

To insert a link, click on the link icon (see picture below) on the toolbar:


A little window will pop up where you will be adding the necessary info.

If you want an actual URL to be featured, insert it into the URL field, and also have the same URL in the Text to Display field. Click OK.


If you don’t want the URL itself showing, but instead a hyperlinked word/name that’s linked to the URL, just insert whatever you want it to say into Text to Display field.

This functionality is often used for listing downloadable material (presentations, guides, research papers, etc), and the files are then housed within Zerista – in Settings > Files. You can read how to upload files in a separate Help Center post.

Let’s say you have a PDF you want to be linked to your custom page. Once you have it uploaded in Settings > Files, click into it and copy the file URL. Now go back to Page Content > Insert Link, and paste the URL into the URL field, and add the title/name/word you want displayed into Text to Display field. Hit OK.

When a user navigates to the custom page, they will see the links or hyperlinked words, and can click on them to view the linked content.

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