Create a Custom Membership Type

The default membership types for any Zerista app and website include Exhibitors, Members, Moderators, Registering, and Speakers, but a moderator or admin has the ability to create new membership types in the admin portal of a Zerista website.

First, open the admin portal, and open Attendees>List.


On the left-hand side of this page, you'll see a list of the membership types already loaded onto your site. At the bottom of that list, you'll see a field that says Add New Membership Type.

Type the name of your new membership type and hit the + button to add it to the list. 8.png

You can add as many new membership types as you like.

To delete a membership type, hover your cursor over the type to be removed and click the x that appears next to it.  Only custom membership types can be deleted.


Custom membership types function like the default ones; they can receive targeted broadcast messages, and permissions can be created for them to change how they interact with the platform and how others interact with them (keep this in mind if you want to create a VIP group).

Please note that all custom membership types will receive the Member invitation.

If you would like to learn more about how to implement this into your website and app please contact your project manager or Zerista Support.

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