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The Stats Page is a tab in admin that accumulates data over time for the event. The data is separated into 9 categories (sub menus) and can also change depending on the date range. The date range can be set by going into the Settings sub menu. The launch date is the start of the date range and the post event review date is the end of of the date range.

1 - Attendees: Is a sub menu that provides data on the  total number of invited attendees, how many attendees have logged on, as well as how many are active and very active. This data is shown through pie charts and provide a percentages also. Below these charts, the top attendees viewed at the event.

2 - Actions: Is a sub menu that breaks down the most popular feature of the at the event by all attendees. The charts reflect data by the attendee membership, totals of all actions at the event such as messages sent, profile updates, and the total actions over time.

3 - Exhibitors: This sub menu provides data about actions that exhibitors (company) have performed at the event from how many exhibitors logged into the website and app to the total pieces of collateral the exhibitor has uploaded. Leads data is also found underneath the exhibitors sub menu.

4 - Agenda: This sub menu provides data about sessions at the event including which sessions were the attended most at the event, which sessions were viewed the most in the app and website, as well as speaker statistics.

5 - Posters: A sub menu that provides stats on posters including the number of posters, which posters were added the most at the event as well which posters were viewed the most. Note: If posters were not set up, data will show up blank.

6 - Posts: Is a sub menu that provides data about posts including how many posts were made at the event, as well as how many likes, comments and shares occurred at the event.

7 - Gamification: This sub menu for stats that involve a game if it was set up. The gaming stats provided include the number of participants, the leaderboard stats, and the top achievements unlocked at the event.

8 - Collateral: Is a sub menu that provides data for which collateral was the most viewed at the event.

9 - Page Content: Sub menu that provides data for which custom content pages were the top viewed at the event.

**Note: The stats page is not updated in real time. There is about a 1 hour delay in the true numbers being shown on this page. 


  • Click here for an overview on the Analytics Page
  • Click here for an overview on Actions


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