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In the Zerista system, icons are a handy visual element that help distinguish sessions, attendees, meetings, and exhibitors.


The above image indicates some icons on a Zerista webs page, including attendee profile pictures, session icons, and company logos.

Default icons are used until custom icons are loaded for individual sessions, attendees, and exhibitor profiles.


A moderator or Zerista admin can access and change the default icons by opening Appearance > Icons in the admin portal.



Click Change Icon and you will be prompted to upload a custom image by either selecting an image from your hard drive, or entering an image URL. We recommend using a 300x300 pixel size for your custom images, or they may not appear correctly.

You will also be able to select any custom image you have used on your profile (My Images), any custom images loaded onto the current site (Yoursitename Images)...Capture.PNG

...or from a selection of default icons available in the Zerista system.


Once you have chosen the default icons for your site, remember to click Save!


Click Restore Defaults button to reset your icons to the base Zerista defaults.


TIP: you can upload custom icons to the admin of your Zerista website for easy access. See Hosting Files in the Zerista Admin for more info!

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