Terminology Page

You say tomato, I say tomato!

Some say Sponsors, others may say Partners. Some say Exhibitors, some say Delegates. Some say Agenda, some say Schedule.

With Zerista, you can customize your app and website down to the very vocabulary. To get started, simply log into the admin portion of you website.

Once logged in you will then need to scroll down and click on Appearance.

Under the appearance menu you will see the Terminology menu. Click on the terminology menu to open it.



The page will refresh and display the terminology page. Under this menu you have the option to rename some of the terms used on the website/app.

Use the search feature or simply use your "Control + F" or "Command + F" to find the fields you are wishing to update. For example, if you wish to change all instances of "Agenda" to "Schedule", search for that and all related fields will populate. 



Once you have updated any fields remember to click Save at the bottom of the page.


Once a value has been changed, the field will highlight a different color for an easy visual of what has changed from the default and what has not. 


Please do be aware that these changes may not display on your app immediately after they've been put in place as it does take some time for our app to sync data with our servers. For more information on the syncing schedule and how to force a sync, please visit: ( 

They should update quickly on the website. If you are not seeing the changes you are trying for or if you would like to know about customizing more advanced terminology such as error messages or log in buttons, etc. please contact your project manager.


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