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With Broadcast Messages, admin and moderator users can send push notifications, emails, and in-app messages to attendees based on membership, account status, user activity, and more. The message can include pictures, links to websites, tables, and font formatting (this is done with text editor options and/or html). Messages can be sent immediately, or at a later date and time. 

Below are step-by-step instructions for sending a broadcast message:

  1. Log in to the admin of a Zerista website.
  2. Click on the Engage tab in the menu side-bar.
  3. Click Broadcast Messages, and then Compose at the top of the resulting page.
  4. Filter recipients, as needed, by:
    • Membership type or role
    • User state (i.e. Admin, locked, new, normal, setting password, unactivated)
    • Status (i.e. invited, reminded, activated, loaded)
    • Interest tags
    • Session attendees
    • Session checkins
  5. Select your sender name in the From: drop-down menu. 
    • It is recommended to create a dedicated user with a general name (i.e. ZeristaCon Info) for sending broadcast messages to minimize confusion and make sure that attendees read them. Click here for instructions on creating a user.  Make sure to invite them to the site so they are an active user everyone can see. Never assign a permission to hide a broadcast message user from general view otherwise other users will not see that message when it goes out.
  6. Fill in the subject line and type the message.
  7. Sending options:
    • If you want the message to go out as quickly as our sever can send it:
      • Click the "Send this message right now" bullet.
      • Click Submit.
    • If you want the message to go out at a later date and time: 
      • Click the "Send this message on" bullet.
      • Select the date and time that the message needs to be sent. 
      • Click Submit.
    • If you need to edit a message after it has been scheduled click on the linked subject line to edit or cancel the message.

Attached, below, is a list of example broadcast messages for an event. Feel free to use it a guide when planning for your own! 

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