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Broadcast messages are a extremely useful tool to get information out to your attendees in a timely manner. The broadcast message can include pictures, links to websites, tables, font formatting. (This is done with the text editor options or can be done using HTML)

Some example uses:

  1. A room has flooded and you need to inform the users that their is a new location
  2. Your top sponsor wants to give a message to your attendees
  3. A lost laptop has been found, and you want to let attendees know where to find it.

Here is how to send a broadcast message

  1. Login to admin
  2. Click on the Engage tab in the main menu on the left
  3. Click Create
  4. Select the Membership Type you wish to send the message to (Exhibitors, Members, Visitors, Speakers, Moderators, or All).
  5. Leave User State as “All”
  6. If you want the message to go to only one specific session, then type in the name of the session under Agenda (Not required, otherwise leave blank)
  7. Select who you want the message to come from.
  8. Fill in the subject line and add your message
  9. Sending options:
    • If you want the message to go out as quickly as our sever can send it:
      -Click the "Send this message right now" bullet
      -hit Submit
    • If you want this message to go out at a later date and time: 
      -Click the "Send this message on" bullet
      -Select a Date
      -Select a time
      -hit Submit

Few things to note:

  1. The message will show that the message is from you specifically so if your first and last name is John Smith, it will show that the message is from John Smith. If attendees do not recognize your name we recommend creating a new user with this info: (Click here to see how to add a user)
    -First Name - "YourConference"
    -Last Name - Information
    -Then update this profile's picture with your conference logo (Click here to see how to edit a profile)
  2. Once you hit Submit, each active user will receive the following –
    • An email
    • A message within the platform
    • A push-notification, kind of like a text message, if enabled through the app
  3. You can go in and delete scheduled messages by checking the box next to the message, then hitting Delete

*Note: Attached is a list of examples broadcast messages you could send out. The form is also a nice way to plan out messages, before you add them to the Zerista site.

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