Broadcast Messages - Manage Senders

Every type of broadcast message requires a sender to be named. The From: sender option for broadcast messages only lists users with the Moderator membership type. To create a generally-named user specifically for sending your broadcast messages, you'll need to create a user assigned as a Moderator. 

Below are step-by-step instructions for creating this "Broadcast user" as a Moderator:

  1. In your Admin site, go to Attendees - Create. 
  2. Fill in the First & Last Name you'd like to display for this user.
    • An example would be "Event Concierge" or "XYZ Event Info". 
  3. The email address must be provided in order to add them into the admin. 
    • The email is a unique identifier so it cannot already be used by another person in the Zerista system.  You can use a general email address for your event, but you'll want to have access to it so if attendees respond to your message you receive the email notification. 
  4. Then select the Moderator membership type.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Once the attendee has been created, they will appear in the attendee list alphabetically by last name. You can update the profile to fit the name and event if you'd like. 

Now when you create your broadcast messages, this user will be listed in the From: field as an optional sender name. 

Note: Make sure to invite them to the site so they are an active user everyone can see. Never assign a permission to hide a broadcast message user from general view otherwise other users will not see that message when it goes out.

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