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Administrators and moderators can create custom pages for Zerista websites and apps. They can contain any content that our standard pages do not provide. Common examples of custom pages include FAQ pages, info/instruction pages, photo sharing pages, city guides, hotel guides, and external URL's.


Create a new custom content page:

  1. Go to the admin portal (<yoursitename>
  2. Click the Page Content tab. 
  3. Click "Add Page."
  4. Give the page a title.
  5. Add content to the empty text field below the title. You can also edit or input HTML code via the "Source code" button. 
  6. Save, when finished.
  7. Contact your Project Manager to have the page activated and added to the website and/or app. 


Update an existing custom content page:

  1. Go to the admin portal.
  2. Click the Page Content tab.
  3. Click "Update."
  4. Save, when finished. 

The updates will show immediately on the website, but the app could take up to an hour to sync and show your changes.


Below are common examples of Custom Content pages.

  • Local Guide:

  • Survey Page

  • Show Guide (iFramed PDF)

  • FAQ/Information

  • Videos

  • Gaming Instruction


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