Locations - Overview

There are four main location types in Zerista: meeting locations, exhibitor/sponsor locations, poster locations and session locations. All of them will be listed under Maps > Locations.


While exhibitor/sponsor, poster and session locations can be pulled into the site automatically within corresponding integration or .csv upload, meeting locations have to be created manually in the admin.

The main purpose of the Locations menu is to create and manage meeting locations. Other location types are additionally listed with their corresponding data sets (session locations in Agenda list, Exhibitor locations in Exhibitor list, etc).

Capacity and Meeting Capacity fields are there to specify how many people can participate at a meeting / how many people fit into a meeting location (Capacity), and how many separate meetings can take place at a location simultaneously (Meeting Capacity).


Clicking on a location name opens up a new page where you can edit the location details. 


*Note: If there are locations in the list that you do not want to be displaying when people schedule meetings (e.g. session locations), set those locations' Meeting Capacity at 0. 

**Note: Capacity field left blank will mean unlimited amount of people can attend.


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