Maps List - Overview

The List menu under the Maps tab is where a moderator or admin user can upload new maps to the site/app, as well as view, edit, apply permissions, or remove any existing maps.


As you can see from the image above, the table, or maps list, indicates a map's ID, Name, and Type. The three buttons above the table allow moderators to delete and create maps, or edit their permissions.

To delete a map, tick the box next to the map or maps you want to remove and click the "Delete" button. "Permissions" functions in the same way: tick the box next to the desired items and click the button.

Clicking "Settings" next to a map will allow the moderator to change the map's name, type, and base layer, as well as upload a new pdf file to change the map's appearance.

"Edit" allows you to tag and label user-designated areas of a map. This makes maps more useful and interactive, helping attendees find designated session, meeting, or exhibitor locations during your event.

Click here for instructions on creating a map.


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