Maps List Page - Add A Map

On the Maps page you'll be able to see already uploaded maps as well as add a new map.

There are four map types to choose from - Event Map, Exhibitor Map, Poster Map and Local Guide.

Event Map - This map type can be used for various purposes. It is usually a venue floor plan where you can show locations for sessions, meeting rooms, facilities, etc. 

Exhibitor map - On this map you can indicate where the exhibitor/sponsor booths/stands are located.

Poster Map - If you are using posters at the conference you'll be able to show their locations on a poster map.

Local Guide - This is typically a street/area map, displaying the location of the venue.

Adding a Map

Before uploading, make sure your map is a pdf file, and is cropped to your specifications.

1. In admin choose Maps on the left hand menu. 


2. Decide which type of map you're uploading and click on the corresponding button ('Add Event Map', 'Add Exhibitor Map', etc).

3. On the page that opens you'll be able to add a name for the map, e.g. Session Map, Exhibition Floor Plan, etc.

4. Upload the map via 'Choose file'.

5. Change the Zoom Level to 3. This ensures you are able to see the locations clearly when editing. You can have a higher zoom level but this should only be used if zoom level 3 is not adequate to view the locations. 

6. Click Save.


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