Export QR Codes - Agenda - Overview

Use case for agenda QR codes

Normally, attendees are able to build their agendas directly in the app by selecting "Add to Agenda". Some conferences have a game set up where users can get points by adding sessions to their agenda. If there isn't a cap on points, attendees can go through and add all the sessions to their agenda to get the points.

Another case is some sessions that have only a certain capacity, so they want to monitor who is actually physically present at a session.

In those use cases, you can turn off the "add to agenda" function in the app and have attendees add a session to their agenda by scanning a QR code onsite. This makes sure attendees are present at the session and can be accounted for. 

To export the QR codes

  1. Go to the admin of your Zerista website
  2. Open Agenda>Export QR Codes
  3. You will receive the QR codes in your email inbox, which you can then print out and put outside of each session. 

Please note that the scanner in the app needs to be enabled if you decide to use QR codes for your event. 


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