Gamification Overview

The gamification feature allows us to embed a game within a Zerista app. Games attract more users to apps and promote interaction. It's good, clean, competitive fun, and promotes a friendly atmosphere at an event.

Game Promotion

You can choose to add a game icon to the home page of the website to inform users there will be a game at the event. Choose a name for your game and create a 400x400 thumbnail for the site. See the example: GameWebsiteThumbnail400x400.png. We encourage advertising prizes on the icon as well!


A gaming rules page will be linked to from the icon. You have the ability to add a header image to this page. This image dimensions need to be 650x250 pixels. See our example: exampleGamingBanner.png. Banner placement is shown below.



Creating Your Game

The first step is to start populating our rules page using the example rules (ExampleGamingRulesPage.docx).


Please see our gamification achievements and set-up article.

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