Create Sessions - Overview

Sessions are part of the overall agenda and can be created in three different ways within the site.

The first is through a third-party integration. If you want to set up a Session Integration, please be sure to speak with your project manager or our integration specialist for further assistance. The most common integration is through google docs--we can pull data from the "Session Google Integration" of your event's Project Document.

If you want to import your sessions using an excel spreadsheet, click here for instructions and a template.  

Finally, we can create a session manually. To do this, log in to the admin and open Agenda>Create.

The bare minimum that every new session needs is a Title, Start Date, Start Time, End Date and End time. 

You can also include:

  • Location - either one that's already created or you can enter a new location.
  • Track - can be added in Agenda>Tracks.
  • Parent - You can nest sessions under a main session so if you have a "Breakout Session" you can make sub sessions like "Breakout 1" and "Breakout 2" and make the "Breakout Session" the parent. 
  • Speakers - You can search for the speaker in the site, but that speaker must already be loaded into the site before they are added as a speaker to a session. You can also choose whether that person is an Author, Co-Host, Co-Speaker, Host, Moderator, Organizer, Panelist, Speaker or a Sponsor. 
  • Alert Message - You can add a message to a session that will be sent 10 minutes before the session is supposed to start to anyone that has added that session to their agenda. This is a website only feature.
  • Session Settings - This includes being able to set a capacity to the session so after the capacity is reached, attendees cannot add the session to their agenda. It has also a section where you can attach an exhibitor or Twitter hashtag to the session.
  • Tags - If you have entered interest tags, you can attach a tag to a specific session and make it easier to find or recommended to an attendee. 


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