Sharing your Screen in (Presenting) is the platform that Eventsforce VCD uses for virtual meetings. You will be able to access the link to your meeting in five minutes before the start time of the meeting. For best results, please make sure that you are using Google Chrome. Google Chrome also has the most robust presenting/sharing options. 

To present documents or share your screens during your meeting, open the file that you would like to share. Then click the image of a screen in the lower right hand corner of the screen. If you don't see the icons along the bottom here, you may need to move your cursor over the window to activate them. 


Clicking this button will allow you to pick exactly what you would like to share. You can choose to share your entire screen, which will show your screen exactly as you see it, or you can choose to share a specific window or chrome browser tab. Select what type of presenting you would like to do from the options at the top of the window overlay that appears, and then select the specific window or tab if necessary by clicking on it. Note that the window or tab that you want to share must be open to appear in this list as an option.

Once you have made your selection, click the "share" button in the lower right hand corner. 


TIP: If you are intending to share a single document, we would recommend sharing that specific application window or chrome tab. If you are going to be sharing multiple documents, it may be easier to share the entire screen to switch between them. Otherwise you will need to end the share and then re-share to share a different window.

Once you are sharing your screen, a small bar will appear along the bottom to alert you that you are sharing and to allow you to stop.


Click stop sharing or return to the window and click the screenshare button again to stop sharing.  While you are sharing your screen, your video will be turned off automatically. 

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