Completing Email White Label/Sendgrid Setup with your Domain

Our white label email service allows all outgoing messages from your zerista site to come from an email address at your domain instead of Please inquire with your account manager for more information if you are interested in setting this up. 

To start our white label set up, your project manager will need to know what email address you want to use. The email must be from a domain that you own and can update CNAME records for. The actual process of updating this records will vary based on your domain registrar, but here are some common ones:

If you have specific questions on CNAME set up, your domain registrar will be able to answer them more directly. 

Once we have set up your white label email, we will provide you with a list of three CNAMEs that need to be created, along with where they should point. These prove you own the domain to the outgoing mail server and help prevent mail from being marked as spam. Once you have set up the three CNAMEs (these are unique per each white label email address), let your project manager know so that they can verify that everything is working. 


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