Custom Domain How To

Custom Domain How To


Customer Responsibilities


The end goal is the customer needs to provide us a certificate and the associated private key to make the certificate. To purchase a certificate, the customer must first create a CSR (certificate signing request) and use that to buy a certificate.  


The steps to do this are:

    • Confirm domain of choice with client (e.g., 


  • Note: client must be domain owner, to verify you can do whois check:


    1. Next the client needs to update their DNS.  This is a bit tricky. If the customer is mapping the root of their domain, so like, it needs to be an A RECORD, like this:
    2. If the customer is not mapping the root, for example, then a CNAME is better, like this:
      • Type: CNAME
      • Name: *YOUR DOMAIN NAME*
      • Value:
      • TTL: 3600
      • Note: This should be done using the management console provided by the customer's DNS provider.  Often times it will also be the same company as their registrar, but does not have to be.
    3. Create a ticket in the Zerista Product Queue to update web server configuration to use new custom domain and setup SSL certificates. All the engineering team needs is the following:



      • Whitelabel Domain
      • Zerista conference URL
      • Note: Once the engineering team sets up the whitelabel we will send an email validation to the below.  The client will have 72 hours to respond to that to validate our setup. Please let them know this will be arriving!



  • Once ticket is assigned back to you, add your whitelabel url to your site by hitting this extension /admin/host/editor in the admin
  • Last step and most important for the best user experience.  Make sure to submit app submission update tickets to the TS team.  They need to update the app to a new version that has the latest site association files in it so when this whitelabel url is tapped that native apps recognize them and pop open the app.

Checklist for the TS team:

  • Check &
  • Verify it is not a 404
    • if its a 404 or its not downloading or you can’t see any json data. let dev team know. cos we set those up.
  • if those sites give a 404 or is unreachable. no deep linking will happen


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