Scripts Overview

Within the Zerista system, you can set up a script to execute various queries.  These requests can run in a 'one-off' fashion or on a 'time interval' if they need to be repeated until the event.

To access the scripts page do the following:

  • Login to your Zerista Admin
  • Select Settings>Scripts

Below are all the different scripts you can execute.  While most are self-explanatory on what they do, please reach out to your Zerista Project manager BEFORE running any script.  Each script has a detailed description about the rules of running the query or options available. When setting up a recurring script you will have to provide a date to stop running the script.  It is advised you do NOT set scripts to run more than hourly (unless onsite your event) and twice daily for times outside of that.  

  • Assign Default Password
  • Assign Exhibitor Contacts To Companies
  • Assign Membership Roles As Tags
  • Assign User IDs as Client IDs
  • Assign Users To Sessions
  • Copy Exhibitor Contact Favorites To Leads
  • Create Conference Item Client List
  • Expire Meetings
  • Export Collateral
  • Export Conference Messages
  • Export Delivery Errors
  • Export Exhibitor Activity Stats
  • Export Exhibitors With Their Contacts
  • Export Session Check Ins
  • Export Sessions With Their Attendees
  • Export Users In Exhibitors Role That Are Not Contacts
  • Invite And Remind Attendees
  • Meeting Reminders
  • Move Exhibitor Contacts To Exhibitor Membership Type
  • Move Session Speakers To Speaker Membership Type
  • Populate Account Tags
  • Push Attendees To Grip
  • Recommendation Generators
  • Refresh Leaderboard
  • Resync Grip Recommendations
  • Update Meeting Capacity Limits
  • Update Meeting/Message Limits For Users
  • Update Tag Name Case



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