Enabling rescheduling of meeting requests

In some cases as the conference organizer you may want to allow both organizer and participants to edit a meeting request for rescheduling purposes.  By default the system is set to only allow for the organizer of a meeting to edit the location or time.  Follow the steps below to edit your permission setup.  Dont forget to test this function out once you make changes!


  • Login to your Zerista Admin
  • Click Settings>Conference>Permissions
  • Find the 'Meeting' permission 
  • Edit the existing permission
  • In the edit column tick the selection for editing you would like.  Suggested is pending, confirmed, assigned and then the exhibitor member ones.



Meeting update email/notifications

When any party modifies a meeting request the system will deliver a notification to let all the other users know a change was made to that meeting request. In the email delivered to all users the system will highlight a date/time and location change in yellow.



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