On-boarding Flows

On-boarding flows are pages users are directed through after setting a password and logging into to their account for the first time, either on the app or website.

There are currently 3-5 pages within the on-boarding flow.  Some of the steps are required (GDPR) and some can be skipped/removed.  You can also re-order the pages to follow your ideal flow but the GDPR page must come first.  The terminology on these pages can also be adjusted to fit your verbiage.  Speak to your Zerista project manager about making changes to your on-boarding setup.

GDPR Consent - This is standard consent users have to agree to before using the Zerista app or website.  Users must understand which pieces of their data we have and the ways we use their data including our third-party providers we potentially share your information with.

LinkedIn - Allows you to import your digital business card from LinkedIn. Requires login to LinkedIn.

About You - You can update your photo, name, company, title, and bio

Tags and Tag Matching - The ability to select tags for your interests vs desires at the conference.  Based on these selections we match you up with recommended attendees, events, and companies. Please note, the inclusion or removal of this section does require a new app build.  It is important to discuss if you'd like to include or exclude this section when kicking off your project.  Please reach out to your project manager with any questions or concerns.


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