Surveys - Viewing/Exporting Results

To view/export your survey results please follow the below steps:

  • Login to admin
  • Click Engage
  • Click Surveys
  • Click into the specific survey results you want to review
  • Click on the sub-menu Feedback
    • Here you can review all the results for that particular survey
    • You will have a few different filter options available depending the the type of survey
      • Conference Survey - filter by attendee
      • Event Survey - filter by attendee, exhibitor, event
      • Meeting Survey - filter by attendee, exhibitor
    • You can tick a record and then delete it you want to remove the response from the system
    • You can 'refresh' the results to see more responses that have arrived since you loaded the page
    • You can export the results as well which will prompt the system to send you an email with an attached csv file.
      • It will include basic attendee information (first/last name, email, company, and then the specific survey details/responses

If you are interested in viewing all the delegates that did not submit the survey yet but can, click on the Pending Feedback sub-menu item to see a similar page display. Instead of showing results it will shows the users yet to take your survey.



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