Global Stats Review

Comparing basic stats across multiple Zerista websites is possible from the admin parent site that houses all your conferences. 

If your site does not have a parent, or you are unsure how to access it, please speak to your Zerista project manager.


To access Global Stats:

  • Log in to the admin of the parent site.
  • Open the Stats menu.

The stats report will automatically load event stats from the past 3 months. Adjust the date range if needed.  Here you can view:

  • Basic attendee count info and activation figures
  • Common action types and their use across all listed events
  • Data in a chart or raw data form

Click on a child conference to see a more comprehensive overview of that particular event's stats.

Click 'All conferences export' at the top of the page to export all event data into csv file that will arrive via email.


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