Zerista Surveys Overview

Zerista Surveys are an add-on price.  Please reach out to your account manager for more information.



  • Login to admin
  • Click engage
  • Click surveys
  • Click Create 
  • Select Zerista
    • Basic Settings 
      • Select your type (conference, event, meeting) - Note you cannot change this once selected
      • Fill in the name
      • Fil in link text
      • Mark survey as required (not advised as this will prevent users from using the app or website until the user submits the survey)
    • Active/Inactive Timeline
      • Set when should survey be active
      • Enter text to appear when survey is inactive - if applicable
    • Misc Settings
      • Set thank you page text
      • Set if user can see their responses
  • Click Create 

Setting up your questions - Once the survey is created you will have an option to add questions.

  • There are 6 question types to choose from
    • Text Box
    • Multi Line Text
    • Drop Down
    • Checkboxes
    • Radio Buttons
    • Date Picker
  • Other options available
    • Make questions conditional on a previous questions answer
    • Make them required
  • Once questions are created you will be able to re-order them, edit them, or remove them if no longer needed.
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