User- How to use the Leads App

The leads app will be used by exhibitors to scan attendees and retrieve the contact information of said attendee for future leads. Step one: Go to the App Store, or Google Play store depending on if you have an iOS device or an Android device. From there type, "Zerista Leads," then download, and install the app to your device. 

Once downloaded you will then login using your username and password from the conference you are attending. Once logged in you will then see a screen appear with a list of conferences. Select the conference you are attending as seen below.


After selecting your conference, you will be taken to the main page where the list of your companies leads will show. As you can see below, there are 4 items on the menu bar on the bottom of the application. Leads, scanner, messages, and settings.  

To begin use, select "Scanner". From there you will have to enable your camera. Next to scan you will hold your phone over an attendees QR code making sure to have the entire QR code in view. You will not need to hit any button, just hold over and the camera will recognize the QR code.

Once you have added your leads, choose some of the  features listed. You may click into the individual user and add notes, message, email them. The notes feature will be useful for when you are wanting to remember your conversation with an attendee, certain items you discussed for future reference, or even wanting to put in a time to contact that attendee.

Messaging will be useful for interacting with attendees you scanned during and after the event. You are able to introduce yourself, remind them who you are, and follow up on what you discussed. Once you have sent your message, you are able to view all messages under the message tab on the bottom of the application. As a user, you are able to receive messages from other attendees. From there you can choose to reply or archive these messages. 

Lastly, you may email an attendee during or post event. This is useful if you discussed a time to talk and want to make sure you follow up immediately. The email feature will show when you click into an attendees profile, underneath their profile picture. When you select email, you will be taken to a message screen and the individual's email will be attached. From there you just need to add your subject and content in the message field and hit send.  


Exporting Leads

You can export your company's leads as a CSV file from the event website or the Zerista Leads app. 

The CSV will provide all of your leads' contact information, and is a convenient medium to transfer data into your company's records. One of the columns, titled "Source," details how they were added to your list:

add = attendee favorited (+) the company in the app or site.
add (Qrcode) = Attendee scanned company QR Code (from a game most likely).
add lead (Qrcode) = company scanned attendee QR Code.


To export from the event website:

  • Log in and select your company profile.
    • You can switch to your company's profile, and back again, via the drop-down menu in the upper right (see image below).


  • Next, click the Leads tab.


  •  Then click "Export Leads."


In a few minutes, you will receive an email with an attached CSV file. It will include contact information, notes, and much more.


To export from the Zerista Leads app for iPhone:

 Tap the "share" icon at the top of the Leads page. That's all!



...for Android:

Same thing, different symbol. Tap the "share" icon at the top of the Leads page.


If you need more assistance, check out the attached Leads App User Guide or reach out to your Zerista Project Manager.




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