Social Network Sharing Providers

The Zerista platform can incorporate the following social media platforms into the Posts/Chatter section of the website and app:

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook (disabled by default as this integration no longer works)

You can also allow users to import their LinkedIn information to their Zerista user-profiles. 

We'll show you how to toggle these settings as you see fit.

First, log in and open the admin portal of your website. Open Settings>Social Networks.


You will see two menu options:

  • Social Import Providers
    • Only LinkedIn works for at this time; allows users to import their LinkedIn profile information to their Zerista user-profile.


  • Social Sharing Providers
    • Users can share their posts in the Posts/Chatter section to their social media feed.tempsnip.png

You can toggle these features by ticking/unticking the checkbox next to each social media provider. Keep in mind that the Facebook integration is currently not working.


Restore Defaults does what it says, restores your settings to the default (shown above). Click Update when finished!


Note: that if you remove the social media features after you launch the website they will remain for any user that already downloaded the app. For best practice it is advised that you remove these items before launching so all users have the same experience.

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