How Do I Disable Social Media Sharing On The App/Website?

This post will detail how as the Moderator/Admin one has the ability to disable social media on the app and website.

The social media website and applications that we incorporate into our app and website are as follows:

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook (disabled by default as this integration no longer works)

If for whatever reason you don't require any social media element for your conference you can disable by following these steps:-

Firstly login as the Moderator/admin and then click on Settings.

At the very top of the page you will see different menus.

Click on Social Networks

Under Social Networks you will see two menu options which are:

  • Social Import Providers
  • Social Sharing Providers


From here you can see the various menus with tick boxes. You will need to untick the boxes relevant to which menu option you wish to disable.

Lastly If you ever make a mistake or would like to revert back to the previous changes you have the option to click on Restore Defaults.

By clicking on restore defaults it restores the setup back to the original settings.

You can go to the front end of the website or app to test out your recent changes.

Please note that if you remove the social media features after you launch the website they will remain for any user that already downloaded the app. For best practice it is advised that you remove these items before launching so all users have the same experience.

For any further questions or queries please contact Zerista support, alternatively you can contact your project manager.
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