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This post covers how as the Moderator you have the ability to allow users to create their own profile when accessing the app/website to gain full functionality like attendee networking and building a schedule.

Occasionally the event admin team may not have the emails of users to invite them to be a registered user of the Zerista platform. If that is the case the moderator/admin can provide user the link to the website and set it to allow 'open sign up'. This means a new user can create their own account using a first and last name. You must also include an email address into the system to gain full website access.

Please follow these instructions below to set this up.

First thing you will need to do is make sure you logged into your website.

Once logged go to Admin>Settings

Next thing to do is scroll down to Visibility Settings and then check the Open Sign up and make sure this is ticked.

Once ticked you will need to scroll down until you find Register URI. 

Then you will must type in the following '/user/creator'

Scroll down until you find the event details find Default Signup Membership State (Only applicable for open registration/public sites) 

Select the default membersip state of the user when they create their profile. As best practice it's advised that you choose member or create a user type called 'public' to as a holding pen for all users that create a profile in this fashion. Your moderators can them sort them to other user roles such as speaker/exhibitor/etc at a later time if needed.

Make sure you click Save at the bottom of the page.

This setup is now complete so the next thing we can do is test this out as a user.

To do this access the url of the website for example -

Once the page has displayed click on Sign up

The page will refresh and from there you follow the prompts to create your own user profile.

Click on Sign me up! to complete your registration. You will now have access to the website and will be able to utilize the full functionality of the website.

Once the user signs up they are automatically sent an email from the system as confirmation the sign up has been done successfully.

As the Administrator/Moderator you will be able to edit the email template that the user receives.

To do please go to the template menu which is found under the Engage tab.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page where you find the template called USER_SIGNUP_SELF

Lastly if you have an event which happens yearly and would like to make use of this feature please talk to your Project Manager about additional steps you should take to when setting up your website.

For any additional questions or queries please contact Zerista support.

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