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As a moderator for a conference you may need to test issues that other users of the site experience by logging in on their Zerista user account. For example, if they report an issue that only they can see from their account. Thankfully, there is an easy way to do this without having to ask an attendee their password.

Once logged into admin page, search for the attendee you want to log in as and then click their user ID number. 

From there the page will refresh, and you will be placed into the attendees "profile," and then choose "switch to user." 


When you choose switch user, you will be taken to the front-end of the website, logged in as the user you selected. You are then able to view everything as that user would.

**Note: It is important to note the "User Status" on the right hand of the page. If attempting to switch to an "Unactivated" user as in the below screenshot, you will be forced to activate that user account and set the user's password as they've yet to do so for themselves. In general if a user is not yet activated, you should not switch to that user for this reason as well as this generally indicates that no action has been taken by the user that would cause an issue.

When you are all done you will want to switch back to yourself before returning to the admin page. This is because you are still logged in as that attendee and will be denied access to any admin functions.

To switch back to your account choose, "Hi, (name)" You will see an option to choose your name in the drop down list that appears. This will switch access back to your moderator account and you may proceed to to access the admin side of your website again by adding /admin to your url ( 

One can also access Exhibitor company profiles from this tab if you need to test functionality of a company profile.


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