Creating a Custom Membership Type

As the Moderator you have the ability in the admin to create reg types under the Attendees tab.


To do this you will need to login as the moderator to your website and the follow the below steps.

  • Click Attendees
  • You will then see a blank box under the default reg types
  • Reg types can be created here by typing in your new reg type. (below example)

Once you have added the new reg type you must remember to click on the + Add symbol so your changes take effect.


With reg type you can add as many as you would like under the attendees menu, however if you make a mistake after clicking the + Add symbol you can click on the cross X to remove the reg type you wish to delete (Note: only custom reg types can be deleted).

Lastly there are other things you can do with reg types

  • create targeted broadcast messages.
  • setup permissions to view only certain attendee, session, or exhibitor groups.

Please note that all custom reg types created receive the same member invite when accessing the system.

If you would like to learn more about how to implement this into your website and app please speak to your project manager, alternatively please contact the Zerista support line.

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