Updating UI Sections

As admin we offer the ability to customize the home page setup of the website or the app, including adding menu buttons for the custom content pages you created. (See Add Custom Content Page)

To do this we must be logged in as the administrator to the website.

Once you have successfully logged in click "Appearance" under the sub menu on the left. 

Once the page has refreshed you will see sub menus under the appearance menu. Click on the UI Sections menu.

 Under the UI Section it will automatically default to the event listing under desktop. To change this click into the drop down menu and then select Home.

The Home menu will display all of the listings under the home section of the desktop. 

You can change the order of each listing by left clicking and placing the listing above or below the other listings. This gives you the ability to rearrange the order of how you would like the home section to appear.

As you can see from the above screenshot, I have rearranged the top two listings to demonstrate how this can be done. There is no need to look for the save button as this will automatically save.

You can also add menus by clicking on the plus symbol which is just below the dropdown menu. 

On the right hand side you will see a new menu appear where you can select what type of listing you would like to create. Typically the most common listing type used is Custom Content.

With Custom Content it gives you the ability to add things such as banners and secondary banners.

The type field will remain titled Custom Content, however you can rename the title.

Once you have added your content you will need to click save at the bottom.

Once the listing has been saved, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the new listing displayed. From here you can then left click and drag to rearrange and update where you would like the listing to be.

If you make a mistake at any time you can click on the trash can to delete the listing you have selected.

It is recommended that as the admin/moderator that you check the front-end website/app once changes are made to verify things are looking good. You can easily open the front-end by click on the name of your event in the upper left of the admin page under your event icon. 

Some of the options in the ui section don't work and can crash the website/app so as previously mentioned  testing is very important. We advise this to make sure that the admin/moderator doesn't create menus and receive errors that they do not know about it.


Please see the following help center posts for more information.

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Mobile App Sync Times And Forcing A Sync 

When reviewing your changes in the app you have the ability to force a sync to bring through your updated changes.

To do this follow these instructions:-


  • Click to open the Menu
  • Settings
  • Sync History
  • Click on the entry that you want to sync
  • Click the arrow in the upper right corner
  • Wait until it says "Date/Time (Success)...."


  • Open the homepage of the app
  • Drag your finger down, you will see a thin rainbow colored loading bar at the very top
  • Hit your phone's back button to exit out of the app
  • Reopen the app 
  • You will see things sync now over the next 20-30 seconds


Please note you can delete any of the listings but this isn't entirely recommended and we would advise speaking to your Project Manager/Business Analyst for more information.

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