Create a Poster - Overview

Start off by logging into admin and following the steps below: 

Once you have clicked on the Posters tab, you will see a list of all the posters currently loaded into your site. Notice there will be columns that indicate certain things about the posters such as the Poster Name, the institutional company associated with the poster, which interest tags have been selected for the poster, the poster location, etc. 

Click on the poster that you would like to edit from the list. From here, you can change name of the poster, the location, the description of the poster, etc. When the moderator has finished editing the poster, click save.

Posters can also be created manually. Select the Create link at the top of the page. Enter in the name, institution, location, description about the poster. When the moderator has finished entering in the data, click create at the bottom of the page. Once the poster has been created, it will appear in list alphabetically.

**Please note that if a moderator wants to enter in multiple posters at one time, that person should use the import function in admin. Please click here for more information about importing poster data into Admin. 


For information on importing multiple posters, please Click Here

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