Add and Edit Attendee Data Manually

Start off by logging into admin and following the steps below: 

Open Attendees>List.

Notice the columns that indicate Name & Type, Email, and Status.

If you click on the attendee's name, you will be able to have more information about that specific attendee. You can switch to that user, reset their password, message the user, lock or unlock their account. 

  • Account: Allows moderators to manually edit the attendees name, email and ID number.
  • Notifications: Allows moderators to change how attendees are notified when specific actions are performed in admin. Notifications can be turned on or off from here. 
  • Reset Password: Allows moderators to change the password of an attendee. There is NOT a notification that is sent out when the attendees password has been changed so it is up to the moderator to notify them of the change.
  • Profile: Allows moderators to change information on the attendees profile. This information can be changed by the attendee as well. Examples of certain things that can be changed or added are profile pictures, company names, selecting attendee tags, etc. 


Create a New User

Open Attendees>Create.

Fill out the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. These are required, and the Email Address is a unique identifier; there can be only one per user-account. 

Select the membership type (also required), and add any Events (sessions) that should appear on the user's schedule (optional).

Click Create, when finished.


Note: Only one email address can be used per user profile for ALL CONFERENCES ACROSS THE ENTIRE ZERISTA SYSTEM. If you attempt to add a user that already exists in the system, but enter a different name, the correct email/name association will appear along with an error stating that the email address is already in use. Just use the existing information to create the user, and edit any user details that may have changed, afterward.


For information on importing multiple attendees, please Click Here

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