How do I make info public on my site?

Making a website public allows any individual to view the website as well as the content without the need to login using a Zerista user account. This includes the exhibitors/sponsors/speakers/session/poster data as well as any custom pages that have be added to website and app.

Here are the steps you should use:

  • On the website go to Admin>Settings
  • Scroll down to Visibility Settings
  • Check the "Public" Check-Box
  • Click Save


When you go to the front end of the website this is how it will look. You can either login or sign up.

You will be able to access to some of the menus such as the agenda, however it is recommended that you login or sign up to receive the best experience of the website.

The article below runs through how Open Sign Ups works and how it can be incorporated into your website.

Open Sign Ups

**Note that all data entered BEFORE this point is not automatically made public. If you are doing this AFTER data exists you need to reach out to your Zerista rep to have your data updated to all be set to public otherwise only new data will display when logged out. You cannot make certain parts of data public or private. Either all data and custom pages is public or it is all private.

**Note that public settings do NOT work with a series app. The website would be public but a series app always requires a login so no data would ever be public there until a user logged in.

**Note that collateral can also be set to follow the public setup but that is not advised. As previously mentioned above the website would be public which will allow anyone to access the site and add collateral. 

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