Stats - Google Analytics

The Google Analytics sub-menu, located on the Stats page, summarizes the total stats that accumulate on the app and website.

 From this sub-menu, moderators can find the following information:

  • Total Page Views
  • Total Unique Users
  • Total Hours Spent
  • Total Hours/User
  • Total Pageviews (Web)
  • Hours Spent (Web)
  • Minutes/User (Web)
  • Hours/User (Web)
  • Page Views (Chart, Web)
  • Average Time on Page (Chart, Web)
  • Total Screen Views (App)
  • Hours Spent (App)
  • Minutes/User (App)
  • Hours/User (App)
  • Screen Views (Chart, App)
  • Average Time on Screen (Chart, Web)
  • Sessions by Browser (Web, Chart)
  • Top Devices by Session (App, Chart)
  • Top Countries by Sessions (Web, Chart)

Use the Date Range menu to pull data from a specific period of time. Click the drop down menu to select a stage of the event process:

  • Default
  • Pre-Event
  • During Event
  • Post Event
  • Custom

Adjust the Start and Finish dates as needed.

Click Apply.

The page will reload and you will be presented with the analytics for your selected date range.


**Click here for more information on the Stats Page

**Click here for more information on Actions

For any further questions please contact Zerista Support or your project manager.

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