How do I update date/time format?

First, log into the admin of website and select settings.

From the Basics submenu, scroll down till you see Date Format and Time Format.


The Time Format and Date Format are set up %x, %y, %z. There are different possibilities to set up the Date and Time depending on if Uppercase or Lowercase text is used.

Also, you can select “Click here for to view” link that is located in between Language and Time Format for the available time and date format options.

Once the link has been selected, the following page will appear. This page shows how to format the time (by hour, minute, second, etc) and date (year, month, day, etc) that is specific to where the event is taking place. Simply replace the characters in the settings page with the new characters in the format you wish to display. In the screenshot below, you will see the character options as well as examples of different formats:



Once the correct format has been entered in the settings page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save.

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