Check-ins System Overview

The Zerista Check-in system is designed to give an event organizer the option to track which attendees end up attending which session by enabling the check-in functionality in the admin.  There are several ways for this functionality to be enabled.

  • In app checkin within the session
  • Checkin QR code users can scan using application 
  • Admin checkin - the admin checks users into the session using the admin portal


One can access the check-in system within the Zerista admin by either navigating to "" or by logging to to the admin page, clicking on "Engage" and then clicking on the "Check-Ins" tab along the top of the page. Once there you will be brought to the main list of check-ins.

List Page:

This page shows a detailed log of every user that has checked in at a given session. You can filter the list by Session or by Attendee to find the relevant information you may need. 

Create Check-In Page:

In some cases the admin will want to stand outside a session room and collect the checkins on that session as they file into the room (preferably on an ipad). You can also use the admin portal if a user accidentally missed a check-in or there is some other reason that the normal check-in scan did not function correctly, admins can create a check-in log entry manually by clicking the "Create" button above the filter box. This will bring you to the check-in creation page. Just fill in the relevant information about the check-in and then click the green "Add" button and the entry will be created. 

Rules Page:

The rules page has 2 options that can affect how your check-ins function. The first, is "Duplicate Check Ins." If this is set to "Yes" duplicate check-ins are allowed. This is rarely used, but allows event organizers to track when an attendee enters a session and when they potentially leave if an additional checkin is recorded.  This can be done by the user scanning the same checkin QR code on their way out or by the admin creating a second record for the user in the admin portal.

The other more useful option on this page is "Check In Session Time." This allows one to restrict check-ins to only be allowed within 15 minutes of the start/end time of a given session, or allow check-ins at any time. This can be activated to prevent fraud in situations where you want to be extra careful that your records show exactly who attended a particular session.

Export QR Codes

The Check-in feature utilizes QR code scanning technology to make check-ins easy for the end-user. When check-ins are active, the system creates a new QR code for each session that is only used for the check-in system. You may notice that all session have a QR code that can be associated with the general session entry, however this is not the same code as the check-in session code. To get a printable list of all the session check-in QR codes, you must navigate to the Check Ins page under Engage and then click on the "Export QR Codes" button. This button will prompt the system to compile all your session check-in QR codes and then it will email them to you in a .zip file and will indicate success via a green notification bar as below:

Note: Please check with your Zerista rep that the QR code scanner is active in your app for scanning these QR codes.

Manual Checkin on the App

If you do not want users to scan a qr code to checkin to a session you can have them access that session in their app and click the checkin function listed as an action against the session.  This function appears 30 minutes before the session start time and disappears 30 minutes after the session is over.  To enable, login to the admin of your event.  Click settings, click actions, enable the checkin function under 'Agenda'

Export Checkin Scans

One can export checkins within the Zerista admin by either navigating to "" or by logging to to the admin page, clicking on "Engage" and then clicking on the "Check-Ins" tab along the top of the page. Once there you will be brought to the main list of check-ins.  Scroll to the bottom and click 'Export Session-Checkins'.  You will be sent an email by the system containing a .csv export file of all the checkins collected against sessions.

See your leads style report giving you all the details on the end users.  This report is very useful if you collected scans for a sponsored session as you can now deliver this report to the sponsors who paid for that session as potential leads.


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