Check Ins - Overview

Check Ins, when enabled, give the attendee the ability to 'check in' to the sessions that they have signed up for. The Check In option also provides the event organizer with the ability to track the attendee's sessions for which they have signed up for.

There are several ways for this functionality to be enabled.

  • Website Checkin - giving the attendee the ability to 'check in' within the session
  • In-app Check In - giving the attendee the ability to 'check in' within the session
  • Check In QR Code - giving the attendees the ability to 'check in ' by using the scan option
  • Admin Check In - giving the admin(s) the ability to check users into the session using the admin portal

The admin can access the Check In feature within the Zerista admin by either navigating to "https://<youreventnamehere>" OR Logging onto the admin page "https://<youreventnamehere>", then:

  • Click Engage
  • Click the Check Ins tab along the top of the page.

Once there, you will be brought to the main list of check-ins.

Manual Check In on the App

If scanning a QR code to check in is not an enabled feature of your event, then the attendees will check themselves into the event by navigating to the specific event within the native app (iOS/Android) and click the "Check In" button. 

Enabling the Check In Function

To enable the check in feature, you must first login into the admin of your event.

  • Click Settings > Permissions > Actions
  • Enable the Check In function within the Agenda section


Check In Rules

The admin can set rules for the Check In:

  • Allow users to check in more than once
  • Allow the check ins only during the session (15 mins before the session to 15 mins after the session)

To set the rules:

  • Click Engage
  • Click Check Ins
  • Click Rules

Export Check In Scans

Admins can export the Check In actions within the Zerista Admin platform, to do this:

  • Click Engage
  • Click Check Ins (located along the top of the page)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the check in page and; 
  • Click Export Session Check Ins

An email will now be sent to you containing a .csv export file of the check ins collected against sessions.

This export report is very useful if you have collected scans for a sponsored session, you can choose to share this report with the sponsors who paid for that session as potential leads.


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