Update Welcome Message (Home Screen Message)

Log into the Admin and click Settings.


Once in Settings, scroll down till you find the Description Box.


From the Description box, you will be able to add as well as edit any text by simply typing in the Text Editor. You can also edit your text using the Bold, Italics, and Underline as well as change the color of specific text and the size of your text.

You can also list text by bullet points or numbers as well as aligning text in specific areas of the text window. 

Images by selecting the picture and Hyperlinks by selecting the chainlinks.


Note: To upload images into the Description Box, remember that you will need to upload the image underneath Settings>Files> Upload. Once uploaded, a url will be provided for you. When you click on the Image Icon, a new window will open where you will want to paste the url into the source.


There is an option by adding text, images or links through the Source Code. This will open a pop up window where the welcome message code can be added in.

Note: The Source Code option should be used by those with technical experience. Any text, images or links added in the Text Editor will automatically update the Source Code.

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