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The purpose of interest tags is to provide a user with information that is relevant to him by recommending sessions, exhibitors/sponsors and other attendees that share the same interests as the user.

Each tag should be a generic interest that could be associated with a handful of sessions and/or exhibitors. Tags are the links between what is offered at the conference and what each of your attendees is hoping to learn more about during the conference. The recommendations will highlight what and who will provide the most insight into each topic of interest.

Example: A conference on innovative technology in the realm of high school education may have interest tags such as:

  • Subject Area
  • Computer Science
  • Math
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Topic
  • Digital-Age School Designing/Planning
  • Games & Simulations
  • Instructional Design & Delivery
  • Innovative Learning Environments
  • Storytelling/Multimedia

Each tag would yield a handful of results including sessions that touch on the specific topics and/or are targeted to the specific subject areas. Each tag could also be applied to exhibiting companies attending the conference based on what subjects they cater to and/or what topics they provide a service/product for.

If you do not find that you have tags that could apply to both sessions and exhibitors we can setup two different sets of tags. One set could fall under, What topics are you interested in learning about? The other set could fall under, What products are you interested in learning about?

The tags used in the example above follow a parent/child format, where "Subject Area" and "Topic" are the parent tags and tags such as, "Computer Science" and "Digital-Age School Designing/Planning" are the child tags. There is not always a need to setup interest tags in such a way, you may just need one level of tags.

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