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Interest tags are a great way for attendees to find other attendees that match their interests instead of scrolling through the entire list. Attendees are able to filter the attendee list and find people based on their interests. 

Each tag should be a generic topic or an area of interest specific to the event; for example, design, e-learning, or IT might be tags for a tech conference. Tags are the links between what is offered at the conference and what each of your attendees is hoping to learn more about during the conference. 

You can also create different tag groupings - parent tags and child tags. This will allow for even more targeted filtering. Using the same example, the parent and child tags at the respiratory diseases conference can be set up as follows:

1. Lung diseases > Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia

2. Airway diseases > Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Bronchiectasis

3. Respiratory muscles diseases > Hyperinflation, Respiratory muscle weakness

Another good use of attendee tags is to set them up based on attendees' area of expertise and what they'd like to learn more about. A user will then be able to see a list of topics/interests/tags under two categories: 'I am an expert in' and 'I want to learn more about', and make their filtering choices accordingly.


Creating Tags

To create a tag, go to the admin of the site and hover over Attendees and select Interests.


Input the tags you want by either separating them by commas or by new lines. Then click Add.

Parent-child tags should using the format  parent>child. To create a list of child tags under one parent, make sure to list all of them in this format. For example

parent 1

parent 1>child 1

parent 1>child 2

parent 1>child 3

parent 2

parent 2>child 1

parent 2>child 2

NOTE: Sometimes tags will be labeled with a comma so it could be a single tag labeled "Snap, Crackle and Pop". The system will still read it as two separate tags because of the comma. If you want a single tag to have multiple words, instead of separating it with a comma, use a "&" or the word and or just leave a space. 

If you are using attendee integration or if you import your attendee data via .csv file, you can list tags in the corresponding column so the tags can be automatically imported together with the attendee data. You can also work with the integration specialist if you are using an integration system and would like to have the tags carry over.

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